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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gourds, Pumpkins and Burlap, Oh My!

I find inspiration everywhere....often times I'm in a craft store and see something I want to monogram.  Last year and this year it was the small white craft pumpkins that I monogrammed as a hostess gift or just a small treat for a friend.   My friend Mary found these awesome brown, yellow and green gourds, I just had to do a brown one for a friend and of course myself.  Gold paint pen in hand with my new "I-Rock" glam setter heat tool that I used on white pumpkins, t-shirts for Halloween etc.  here is my take on the brown gourd:

Here is a pic of the white craft pumpkins that are outside my front door and that my dear neighbors chase down the street for me when we get a big gust of wind...haha!  I seem to add a new one each year...

and then we have the burlap.  I absolutely love the look of burlap, but boy is it messy.  My freshly cleaned craft room was a dusty, burlapy mess after a rotary cutterfest for this Thanksgiving banner.   After cutting the banners, I then hand-stamped a swirl in cosmic copper and burgundy glitz ink in each corner.  I then monogrammed each flag to spell out "Be Grateful".   I took a coordinating ribbon and glued it down on the banner and accented with a few rusty gold hydrangea petals.  I put it up in my dining room for our Thanksgiving Day dinner.  My first time hosting Thanksgiving -- which means I have to cook the turkey.  That's an entirely different panic attack I'm trying to put off right now :)
Here is the banner:

I was planning for these awesome monogrammed burlap napkin rings, but have re-thought that idea as I don't want shedding burlap on the plates at the table.  Not to mention all that dust triggered a sneezefest for Keil and Wilson, so I am on to Plan B for the monogrammed napkin rings.  I'll keep you posted on that progress.

Until the next craft,

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