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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Locker Birthday Boards for my favorite birthday girls!

For those of you that don't have Middle Schoolers, correction -- GIRL Middle Schoolers, it is a must to decorate the locker of your besties on their birthday or in the case of my daughter who has a late summer birthday -- her half birthday.  I think it's an incredibly sweet way for these kiddos to start their birthday to come into school with all their friends cheering them on at their freshly decorated birthday locker.  Kate specifically requested something different and funky when it was her turn to do the decorating.  I decided to do something more permanent that the girls could take home and place in their room afterward.  Hence the Locker Birthday Boards (LBB) were born!

January brought Gabrielle's LBB:

Then October rolls around and it's time for Gracie's 13th.  I took Gabrielle and Kate shopping for design ideas and they really got into it!   We incorporated pictures that I have of all the girls over the last 4 years.  They did an awesome job with all their ideas incorporating her favorite things....friendship, zebras, flamingos, strawberries, volleyball and music.   Here is Gracie's LBB:

Gabrielle and Grace both loved their LBB and I can't wait to do the next one....Emily!!

Until the next craft,

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