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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yes, Virginia, those are brown coffee filters!

So imagine my surprise when I'm trying to come up with an alternative to burlap napkin rings for Thanksgiving and I stumble across coffee filter crafting.   Then I discover they have natural colored coffee filters in all their ruffley goodness!  I was sold and my mind was racing.  I immediately set-out for Michael's (in Leesburg because the people in Sterling know me on a first name basis now) got a wreath and stopped into Target on the mission for the natural colored coffee filters.

I came home and set out for the recently organized craft/scrapbook studio/office.  I covered the straw wreath with satin off-white ribbon -- burned myself a few times with hot glue and then rubbed the edges of the coffee filters with a gilded gold and coffee brown inkpad.  Then I was ready to hot glue the filters.  I loved every sparkly, messy minute of it -- even though my eyes went cross, I stayed up too late and I'm pretty sure I have about 17 HG (hot glue) blisters. 

Here is a pic of the finished product!

It was amazingly easy and VERY inexpensive.....200 coffee filters for $0.87 and I think I used 100.  It's an awesome idea for a love gift or two for Christmas.  My mind is racing with ideas for other holidays....Valentine's Day (white filters with red or pink tipped edges)....St. Patricks Day...
Easter....4th of July.  Oh and did I mention letter shaped ruffley goodness?

This is me on craft overload signing off for the night.....I think I might need to start a chapter of Crafters' Anonymous.

Until the next craft,

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