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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Now this is how you build a snowman!

Years ago, I made snowmen from ivy glass bowls (think round vase with ruffled lip), styrofoam heads and felt mittens.  My Mom and my Grandmother still get those out each year and display them.  I have been wanting to update them for awhile.  A few years ago I saw Vintage Snowmen by Sue Pelletier on the cover of Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine.  I tore out the article and filed it in my "love gift" file so that I could update those snowmen the following Christmas.  Of course, I never did because another love gift took priority.  Yes, it's a never ending cycle.

A few weeks ago, I came across the love gift file and had decided to update those old snowmen this year.  So I started brainstorming from the Sue Pelletier Vintage Snowman supply list, where on earth will I get enough vintage bottles to make all these sparkly snowmen for my love gifts?  When will I have time to make the clay heads and roll them in diamond dust?  This is when I usually either get super charged up about a craft or it goes back into the trusty folder.  

So, I just happened to be in Homegoods -- my other home away from home -- and stumbled across all these salt and pepper shakers.  Ooooh -- different sizes, different textures, cool "hat" possibilities.   Then the old snowmen came back to me and I thought -- STYROFOAM BALLS!  And how convenient that the AC Moore is right next door to Homegoods.  Another sign!

Found some cute Wilton caketips for the hats.  Found value packs of plastic snowflakes and pearls for the filling.  The other embellishments would surely be covered by my scrapbook supplies of eyelets, brads and copper jewelry wire from my old jewelry/beading box.  Scarfs could be made from ribbon -- which again I have an abundance of from various other crafts/scrapbooking.

After the kiddos were in bed, I set out to make one snowman to see how I liked it and if I had enough hodge podge supplies to make them.  8 snowpeople later, the old supplies didn't run out but the salt and pepper shakers did. 

I had a blast making these -- using our family as inspiration -- Keil's has green eyelets for eyes, Kate, Wilson and I have blue eyelet eyes.  Wilson has a sassy copper hat with "peacock feathers" as he called them. 

I haven't been back to Homegoods scouting for more Salt n Pepper shakers, but I'm sure it won't be long.

Here is my snowpeople village that will be going to friends and family for love gifts:

 I love this little village and want to decorate my mantle with them, but that is not the point of the love gift, now is it?

Make a few for yourself or for your friends or family -- I'd love to see your twist on them!

Until the next craft,

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